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About Us

The Karl Waldmann Museum was created by people who are passionate about the work of the artist and who, since 1989, have catalogued and conducted research into the artist and the meaning of his work.

They include historians, curators, scientists, collectors and intellectuals with a thorough knowledge of constructivism, the history of art, cinema, politics, etc.

The museum is virtual for the moment, and does not have a dedicated building. A project for this is under study.

The aim of these people is to promote this artist and to see that he is recognized through exhibitions of his work in museums throughout the world, in order to safeguard his memory.

We all admire this artist, not only for the nature of his work but also for his anti-Nazi politics and his critical position towards the Stalinist regime, in power during Waldmann’s lifetime.

Hardly a single day passes without our making new discoveries about his work, as well as the man himself. Our various analyses (of papers, adhesives, the historical content of the works etc…) have enabled us to certify that the 1,200 photomontages were produced before and after the Second World War.

The purpose of our current investigations is to understand the significance of works that have not yet been clarified, and to complete the biography of this man about whom we know very little.

His case is not, in fact, unique in the history of art, particularly in Eastern Europe, where authoritarian regimes have seen to it that the memory of many intellectuals have been wiped out.

Deep and truthful enquiry is the very essence of scientific research, which refuses any preconceptions but which above all accepts that the history of 20th-century art is far from being a closed book.

Members of the committee

Samantha de Oliveira (Politologue)
Margareta Hauschild (Manager Goethe institut Brussel)
Isabelle Vittori (Monde Diplomatique in France)
(Art Historian , Expert Modernism Fine Art NY)
(Gallerist, philosophe and physician)
(Archivist and Historian)
Marc Willaume (Art lover and collectionnist)
(Japan), Professor (Art History & Museotechnology)
Deborah Schnabel (Germany, Master of arts in Business Psychology)
Jean-Philippe Cazier (Philosophe)
Valérie Hoyois (Translator)
Cyrus Nosrati (Webmaster)